Monday, 14 January 2013

Multimedia, Interactive Multimedia, Hypertext and Hypermedia

Question 4 : Discuss the differences among multimedia, interactive multimedia hypertext and hypermedia.

Answer :

Multimedia is the combination of text, sound, animation, video that delivered to people by computer or others electronic or digitally manipulated means. Therefore, when we put together the sensual element of multimedia  that are pictures and animation, engaging sounds, compelling video and some textual information, it can helps you to read the thought and mind of people. In addition, multimedia is easy to use and integrated and interactive but of course it is expensive and requires special hardware.

Interactive multimedia is related to the concepts interaction design, new media, interactivity, human computer interaction, cyber culture, and includes specific cases such as, for example, interactive television, interactive advertising, social media, virtual reality, and so on.

Hypertext is text which is not constrained to be linear and contains links to other text. Therefore, you can move from one subject to another even thought they might have different forms. For example, by clicking on the link in a hypertext document, a user can directly jump from a different content to another. Hypertext usually related to web pages.

Hypermedia is a term derived from hypertext, extends the notion of the hypertext link to include links among any set of multimedia objects such as sound, motion video and virtual reality. It also can connote a higher level of user interactivity than the interactivity already implicit in hypertext. Hypermedia simply combines hypertext and multimedia. However, hypermedia should not be confused with hyper graphics or super-writing which is not a related subject.

Question 5 : Your boss wants you to create a hypermedia system for Web visitors to find technical support information about your company. What are some of the implications in creating this system? Should you hand-build the links or use an automatic indexing system? Why?

Answer : 

Hypermedia is the use of text, data, graphics, audio and video as elements of an extended hypertext system in which all elements are linked, where the content is accessible via hyperlinks. This could help the user to understand more about the company because it allows to gather information in non-linear way which means that the users would have a choice as to what path the users want to takes in order to gather information.

With use of hypermedia, it restricts the slow speed and take times to load the site. For the question of should hand build the links or use an automatic indexing system, the answer is depends. However, I would like to recommend to use automatic indexing system because it able to enhance the usability of multimedia material after it is organized in a lesson structure. Moreover, it also allows the company to create different context-based presentations starting from the expected skills of target users. Besides that,  it also helps to create a through system without missing any procedures.

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